Stumpy Mania Grows Leading into Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile

The resilient tree draws crowds and media coverage of it's last bloom, while the Stumpy mascot will make an appearance at this year's race.

March 22, 2024

Stumpy Mania Grows Leading into Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile

Record crowds have been visiting D.C.'s most famous cherry blossom tree, Stumpy, following news this will be the tree's last full bloom. Stumpy, a hollow cherry tree located on the Tidal Basin, has been a local favorite and symbol of resilience as it continues to bloom each year depite being flooded twice daily due to rising sea levels.

Stumpy, along with more than 100 other cherry trees will be removed by the National Park Service in May during construction to repair the Tidal Basin's sea wall.

"Stumpy was quietly emerging as a Tidal Basin rock star before the news of his demise; now he has the public connected with his struggles as the "Little Cherry Tree that Could," said Phil Stewart, director for Cherry Blossom, Inc., the race organization.

This year Stumpy is appearing on the official Credit Union Cherry Blossom race t-shirts and medals for the 10 Mile, 5K and Double Blossom.  Stumpy is also the official mascot this year and will be on hand to great runners and visitors at the race's Health & Fitness Expo, 5K and 10 Mile.

Learn more about Stumpy on the official Credit Union Cherry Blossom website and look for him during race weekend!