No Red Carpet, but you can still support the unique gala experience this year

Capital Sponsors

Gift Sponsorships – $5,000 (limited to one of each)

Sponsor one of the special gifts celebrating our nation's capital. Your company's name and logo will be highlighted as the Gift Sponsor on the materials describing the item you sponsor. Sponsorship includes:

  • Card recognizing your company as the exclusive gift sponsor included in gift boxes sent to over 100 recipients
  • Recognition as a major contributor to your local CMN Hospital
  • Recognition in promotional materials

Cerasum Aperitivo Sponsor
Don Ciccio & Figli, Washington, D.C.
Italian herbal liqueur handcrafted in small batches in Washington, D.C. Cerasum is based on an infusion of 3 different kinds of cherries, Sakura blossoms and 10 selected roots and herbs.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Room Diffuser Sponsor
Antica Farmacista, Washington, D.C.
Celebrating the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC- An apothecary inspired bottle filled with the exquisite scent of cherry blossoms, violet daphne flower, green jasmine, warm amber and white musk.

Crystal Washington Cocktail Tumbler
Crystal Cocktail Tumblers etched with the DC Skyline (set of 2)

Matcha & Black Sesame Shortbread Cookie Sponsor
Makabi & Sons
Shortbread butter cookies with rich matcha green tea and toasted black sesame seeds.

Artisan Chocolate Sponsor
Harper Macaw, Washington, D.C.
Meticulously crafted in Washington, DC this Brazilian dark chocolate is sourced from environmentally and economically sustainable cacao agroforestry partners whose mission is to turn chocolate into a force for rainforest conservation.

Viski Sphere Ice Molds Sponsor
Two crystal-clear ice spheres that open to release a perfect ice ball. Chills faster, dilutes less and lasts longer than cubes – a better way to savor liquor on the rocks.

Supporting Sponsor – $1,500

  • Your company name and logo will be listed as a supporting sponsor of A Capital Affair gift box.
  • Recognition as a major contributor to your local CMN Hospital
  • Recognition in promotional materials


Leigh Philibosian, Director, Credit Union Miracle Day
lphilibosian@mddccua.org | (443) 325-0768

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